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17 Basic SEO Tips For Beginners

More than 60% of organic traffic comes from searches. You have to use search engine optimization for a successful digital marketing strategy. These SEO tips for beginners help you to understand the concept of SEO and provide all details to optimize your website and increase traffic.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. When you optimize your website and content, the search engine understands your website and content. That helps to rank high for specific keywords. SEO helps to gain recognition and reach your audience to increase your business. SEO techniques provide a high rank on search engines and present as a credible site to your customer. SEO provides organic traffic, so if you cannot afford paid ads, SEO will help you most.

Why is SEO important?

All users always visit the pages that search engines present in the higher rank. So it is important to rank high. The higher your website and content rank on the search engine, the more audience will click on it.

Search Engine Optimisation provides more organic traffic to a website or webpage.

Many business owners and marketers get confused about how SEO can help them increase their business. Some basic SEO tips make you more clear about the use and its effectiveness. These help you to save time, money and, most importantly, help you to increase your business position.

Top 17 SEO tips for beginners

The most important SEO tips we mention here are:

  • Use more engaging posts
  • Use fresh and unique content
  • Use the right keywords
  • Backlinks
  • Optimize your URLs
  • Optimize your images
  • Meta description
  • Link to others and link to yourself
  • Use social media
  • Email marketing
  • Site speed
  • Mobile responsive
  • Create sitemap.xml and robot.txt file
  • Update old content
  • Study your competitors and measure your success
  • Google Analytics on your site
  • Think about your users

There are many other things to get a better rank, but SEO tips are non-risky and, most importantly, non-costly. Follow these before and after publishing your content. These tips help you to improve your rank in search engines.

  1. Use more engaging posts

Content is a very important factor in SEO ranking. An interesting and informational blog post or video content attract customer the most. Longer content is more useful in SEO ranking. You can provide more information and more keywords in high-quality, longer content. That is beneficial for SEO ranking. Unique and interesting content provides to engage more people and helps them to share more.

A high-quality longer post helps people see and stay a long dwell time on your website and helps to read more and share more. Dwell time is the time the visitor stays on your page. Longer dwell time is important for issue ranking.

  • Use fresh and unique content

When you use another’s content, it affects SEO ranking most and has a chance of getting your site downranked. Work hard and use multiple sources for deep research to generate unique content. Unique and fresh content will be very beneficial for search ranking. So use original and unique content in your own words to stop. Use SEO tools to check duplicate content on your site. Make sure to provide valuable and informational content. Easy-to-read content also helps people to spend more time stop

  • Use the right keywords

Finding the right keywords for your website is also the most important thing to develop your SEO strategy. Use relevant keywords according to your content and your target customer. Don’t use any irrelevant keywords about your product or services. Relevant keywords help search engines to index your website correctly.

You also have to use the keywords that customers are searching for about your product or services that will help to provide more visitors to your site. Use keyword tools to find out what the customers and users are searching for. That helps you to gain more traffic on your page. You can use several keyword toolsTwinord Ideas, Ubersuggest, Kwfinder.

Use Google Adword to get an idea about search volume and competition sources.

To develop an SEO strategy and improve your side’s ranking, use long-tail keywords and LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords. Long-tail keywords are very specific words that contain four or more words. Long-tail keywords might get less traffic but receive more qualified visitors to your site. LSI keywords are very primary and have similar meaning keywords. LSI keywords help Google and search engines understand your content. Use a good keyword tool to find long-tail keywords and LSI keywords. 

  • Backlinks

Backlinks are one website mentioned to another website by Linking. Backlinks help to increase your website’s rank. For a high-quality, relevant backlink, search engines think your site is more useful for users. Backings are a type of voting of the higher ranking websites. High-quality backlinks can skyrocket the ranking of your site. With backlink tools, you can get precious backlinks.

  • Optimize your URLs

URLs are an important part of basic SEO. Always try to use simple and relevant URLs. Simple URL structure helps search engines to rank up. Describe your content in very short text in your URL. Always use relevant and user-friendly URLs. You can use main keywords in your URLs.

For example, if your content is about the best Hindi songs of all time; you can use a URL like:


Whenever you face changing your published content URLs for a better structure, don’t forget to do a 301 (permanent) redirect. Otherwise, Google and users also can be confused.

  • Optimize your images

Images attract more readers than text. So images are essential factors. But search engines can have trouble understanding images. Use alt tags to improve your SEO Optimization. The alt text is used within HTML code and describes the image. 

For example, the alt text of “Flower Pictures” should look like this:

 <image src= “photos.png” alt= “Flower Picture”>.

Use a limited file size for pictures. Appropriately use names about your pictures and be careful about descriptions; only use relevant and truthful stuffing. 

Optimize the title tag and meta description

For on-page SEO, title tags and meta tags are the essential factors. 

Title tag

The title tag is the strongest one-page tag for SEO ranking.

  • Use a unique title per page 
  • the length should have no more than 60 characters 
  • use content-relevant keywords in the title tag

Use a web page and contain relevant keywords in the title tag that helps to index search engines about your website or page.

Use modifiers in your title. For example, “use of,” “what is,” “how-to,” “of the Year,” “review,” “best.” Use keyword tools to get keyword suggestions quickly.

  • Meta description

A Mere description is a short description (snippet of information) under the URL. You can include meta tags within your web page HTML. It is the preview in the search results. The meta description is limited to 160 characters. A meta description is an essential factor. The users decided to click or not to click after seeing it. Use important and content-relevant URLs in the meta description. It will help search engines to make it appealing to actual readers.

  • Link to others and link to yourself

When you link other domain’s websites with relevant content, it helps search engines understand your page. Use high-quality and related outbound links on your website to increase your rank. 

  • Always use links to relevant blog
  • Avoid using too many outbound links

When you use outbound links, always try to let them know; you give them a backlink. Thus they may include your site’s link on their page. It can be helpful to both of you.

Like outbound linking, internal linking is also important. Internal links go from one page to another within the same domain. It is useful to navigate the sites. It helps to promote your content and product or services.

  • Use social media

Using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, you can share and spread your content, products, or services. As much as a web page has social followers and activity, the page can rank on search engines through huge traffic. Social media helps your website to reach a huge audience.

Social media does not contribute directly to improving ranking, but it brings huge traffic, indirectly providing a high ranking. Use the full power of social media with tricks and promote your products or services. Use tools to track and easily handle multiple social media accounts.

  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing indirectly helps website SEO. Sending a regular email can generate traffic to your website. Use best headling, articles, and topics that influence your audience to click the link and visit your website. Use some email marketing tools to maintain a regular email sending routine. You can use Mailchimp also.

Site speed

Site speed is very important for ranking websites. A slow website affects ranking. Page loading speed is also an SEO ranking factor. To check the website’s loading speed, use GTMetrix and Google’s Pagespeed insights. Those tools also give speed-up recommendations.

Sometimes CDN affects loading speed. Third parties scripts also hurt loading speed. So use some tools to check an important script and delete them.

  1. Mobile responsive

Most customers browse the internet with their phones. So it is essential to have a mobile-friendly website. Your website should be designed to work on all sizes of devices very well. Mobile-friendly websites improve users’ experience. Google uses mobile-friendly and responsive sides as a ranking factor. So make sure that your sites are mobile-friendly.

  1. Create sitemap.xml and robot.txt file

A site map helps search engines to rank your web pages. The sitemap provides search engines with all changes. The search engine can easily find all of your pages with a sitemap. Sitemaps provide users with the direction of the correct website they are searching for.

Robot.txt files provide information to search engine crawlers, which URLs the crawler can access on your site and which not. This avoids overloading your site by using a robot.txt file from scratch to stop; you can also use tools.

  1. Update Old Content

Updating and refreshing existing pages and contents can improve your SEO ranking. It is hard to create new content regularly without a content marketing team. You can use old content which has low traffic or low conversion by editing some materials.  Always keep your web pages updated.

  1. Study your competitors and measure your success

Studying competitors is a great strategy to achieve success in your business. Compare your superior competitor’s processes and track your lacking areas to improve your strategy. For boosting your website, always research your major competitors. Please find out the top 10 major competitors’ sites and analyze their websites. Now use their strategies also if that is suitable for your business. Measuring your success also helps you to go one step more, towards your success.

  1. Google Analytics on your site

Google Analytics tools can provide you with all the real-time data, and you can define success for the next strategy. You can track online traffic and understand users’ behavior. Organic search, paid search, referrals, social media, and direct traffic all data is shown. After tracking all details, you can understand your website’s lacking areas and improve your marketing strategy. 

  1. Think about your users

Always focus on what your users are looking for, and their needs. Use informative and interesting content for your customer to fulfill their need. Thinking about your customer is also an essential basic SEO strategy. Increase traffic by social sharing and email campaigning. Your main idea of SEO should be putting the user fast.


These are a few tips for beginners on SEO strategies to succeed in your marketing. Use all tips and compare your side’s progress before and after the result. These tips will help you to get a high-quality and worthy page rank as high as it deserves.

Did these SEO tips help?

With these SEO tips, you can improve your business strategy. These tips will help you increase the chance of higher search engine ranking and get more traffic.

Tell us about your experience. If you have any suggestions, questions, or recommendations, let us know by commenting below.

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